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Future Schmucher


This shocking attack ad on 8 year old Penelope was released yesterday, as the Ontario election debate continues.

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  1. francis permalink
    2011/09/24 10:18 am

    very interesting, very cute and very well done Penelope.. If only our politicians were as smart and foresighted as you.. unfortunately neither are our citizens, who by the way will be voting to save their jobs, and current lifestyles, ie.. the status quo. While the usual array of over rated, elected savants pretend to care, biding their time and collecting an unearned small fortune in salary and entitlements into the departure lounge..

    • Christine permalink*
      2011/09/25 8:57 am

      So true, yet also, surprisingly, sometimes we humans are able to transcend ourselves. Change does happen, Francis – not that I`m expecting a radical shift in this provincial election, unless it`s a shift backwards with Hudak,

  2. 2011/09/26 8:03 am

    I just watched Penelope’s video too, how fantastic. I love this approach – it is hard for anyone to argue against it. How can you argue with a child about her need for clean water?

    I hope Hudak does not get in! What do the polls look like?

    • Christine permalink*
      2011/09/26 9:46 am

      I agree, Sherry, both of the “Penelope” videos are excellent, Environmental Defense has done a great job.
      As for the polls, it seems that the Cons and the Libs are in a dead heat. We could end up without a clear majority, and that would be a coalition with the NDP holding the balance of power. Interesting times…

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