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Backing Out Of the Kyoto Accord: Part Of Canada’s Shame-Based Heritage


Once again, Rick Mercer doesn’t pull any punches:


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  1. jay permalink
    2011/12/14 7:25 pm

    We gave Harper a majority after 5 years in power fully aware of his views on climate change. We only have ourselves to blame for electing such toxic people in charge of our government.

    • 2011/12/15 6:08 am

      “we” is less than 40% of the Canadian population that voted (unfortunately, those who didn’t vote truly do not count). What we are seeing is a gross abuse of power by somebody whose approach to politics (and, no doubt, life) is megalo-maniacal, winner-take-all, black and white, etc. Harper loves power and control and intensely fears losing both to the “other” (which is how he views anybody whose view differs from his). Obviously if we are to have democracy in Canada our system needs revamping. But many Canadians aren’t engaged in politics (ever been to your local municipal council meeting?).

      • jay permalink
        2011/12/15 7:10 pm

        That’s why I want to slap people in Toronto’s suburb. They’ve split the vote between Liberals and NDP, allowing Conservatives to get elected. These idiots not thinking through are the biggest reason why Harper gained his majority. Elsewhere, most voters are literate enough to vote strategically.

        Yes, only 40% of those who voted supported Harper, which overall is not a big portion of the population. Still, the race wasn’t even close.

      • 2011/12/16 7:13 pm

        I’m thinking that those folks in Toronto are probably slapping themselves – not only did they saddle the entire country with SH, but they’ve got Rob Ford as mayor, too!

  2. 2011/12/16 4:49 pm

    We can still stop Harper from piping his oil sands tar through British Columbia and shipping it through our coastal waters.

    • 2011/12/16 7:15 pm

      Yes!! It is exciting to see First Nations people joining together to form the “wall” that will block it.

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