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Like many of you, my focus these days is on Christmas preparations – cooking, traveling, feasting, and spending time with friends and family. 350orbust will be getting less attention than usual for a while. But I have a collection of videos and photos that I’m going to share during the holiday season, so don’t forget to drop by once in a while. My wish for you, wherever you are and whatever your faith (or not), is that the blessings of peace, the beauty of hope, the spirit of love “occupy” your hearts this Christmas season, and all year round. Give yourself – and the piece of this big blue planet that you occupy – a great big hug from me.

On 19 November 2011 over 100 dancers converged at Occupy SF & Oakland to dance the world awake. Flashmob: Produced & Directed by Magalie Bonneau-Marcil of Video: Directed & Edited by Ben Flanigan (

For tips on how to organize a flash mob in your community go to .

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  1. 2011/12/21 9:03 am

    we are going up later on today to turn our backs on that FCCC’ing “Piece of Kent”, fasting, trekking, and a candle-lit vigil (in the rain according to weather reports) at the start of the longest night of the year (in so many ways)

    details here:

    Hungry for Climate Leadership (resonates for me with Gabor Maté’s ‘Hungry Ghosts”)

    I don’t have a remedy for despair, I wish I did (though I have learned, the hard way, that it doesn’t necessarily paralyse you) but here is a palliative that keeps me upright (if not sane) on days when I would just rather sit and weep:

    be well.

  2. 2011/12/22 7:19 pm

    Bless you for your persistence and your heart, David, despite the despair. An insight I have come to recently is that we are here to have our hearts broken – and to carry on with passion and love inspite of it!

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