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Canada: Under Attack By Foreign Interests & Radicals


Bless you, Rick Mercer, when the goings-on in Ottawa get completely intolerable, you give Canadians something to laugh at.  Here’s Rick’s response to the Canadian Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver’s letter attacking environmentalists (read: anyone opposed to the Northern Gateway Pipeline and/or unrestricted development of the Alberta tar sands) as “radicals”.

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  1. jay permalink
    2012/01/20 8:58 am

    Brutal 😀

  2. 2012/01/20 9:18 am

    He’s so wonderful 🙂

  3. Barry Beaupre permalink
    2012/01/20 10:40 am

    what a creative force–right on!

  4. 2012/01/20 10:57 am

    Yep, he gives me hope that Canadians will survive Harper!

  5. 2012/01/21 2:04 pm

    Great stuff Christine! I love Rick Mercer’s video on Radical Groups. I showed it last night at the Association of Science and Reason’s “Skeptics in the Pub” night. Lots of laughter from the crowd, but it was also a perfect segue into my talk about being “Banned on the Hill” by the Harper Govt. There are two types of radicals hated by the Harperites — 1. climate scientists (and those who listen to them) 2. Anyone who disagrees with Harper.

  6. 2012/01/21 2:25 pm

    Thanks for sharing it with me, Franke – I should have given you credit! And what a perfect intro, as you say, to your talk. It sounds like a success.

  7. 2012/10/04 12:25 am

    Great looking blog, Christine!

    I took a different tack, with an online survey on climate change and carbon pricing using an interactive word cloud, with input from Facebook, Twitter, and this website:

    I also invite people to the survey and the website using a 7 foot colorful banner, which you can see on the Facebook page here:

    I’m in Calgary, which is a pretty good place to be one twig among many which can turn the flood of our energy and climate disaster.

    • 2012/10/04 2:48 am

      Thanks for dropping by, Roger, and for your excellent work on getting Canadians (as opposed to our current federal government) to weigh in on the oh-so-important issue of pricing carbon. And I know there are lots of Calgarians out there who are concerned about this existential issue, although it might feel lonely sometimes (I find that to be true just about anywhere!).



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