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Dear Mr. Oliver: I Am Not a Member of a “Radical” Group


Today’s guest blogger is Jason Hildebrand. A so-called “radical” Canadian opposed to the Northern Gateway Pipeline, Jason is employed in the IT field, is married with two young children, and is an active member of his church. Jason has allowed me to share his recent letter to Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver and the Review Panel:

Dear Minister Oliver and the Joint Review Panel,

I am not a member of a “radical group”.  I am an ordinary Canadian citizen who is concerned about long-term sustainability of our environment and of Canadian society.

Long-term sustainability must be concerned with the fact that Canada (and indeed all nations in the world) must begin the transition away from the oil-based economy.  The International Energy Agency acknowledges that peak oil may already have occurred in 2006. Humanity has developed a dependence on fossil-based fuels over the last 400 years, and this abundant, cheap energy has allowed us to flourish far beyond our previous means.  We are now at a crossroads.  In the face of ever-declining cheap energy, how will we continue our standard of living?

While building this pipeline will allow maximum profit in the short term, it will also substantially increase Canada’s dependence on the oil industry for sustaining our overall economy.  Ramping up our dependence on oil at this point is a false goal, as it will only lead to devastating economic hardships which future Canadians will have to face.

At this point in history, more than ever before, we need to be forward-thinking.  We need to send signals that do not create further economic dependency on oil, but instead send signals that spur transition to post peak-oil future.

For this reason, I call on you to stop this reckless pipeline.

Jason Hildebrand

If you, too, would like to let Mr Oliver know what you think about the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline, and his assertion that Canadians who care about clean water, clean air, and a stable climate for their children and future generations are “radicals” , go to the Lead Now page and send him a message.

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