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Saturday At The Movies

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  1. 2012/02/04 11:15 am

    That was fun. Thanks.

  2. 2012/02/04 3:00 pm


  3. 2012/02/04 5:15 pm

    I love this and I’m sending the link to my daughter who is an avid cyclist (and plans to cycle home to Regina from Ottawa this summer)!

  4. 2012/02/04 8:45 pm

    Ottawa to Regina – that’s an impressive goal!
    I love cycling, too. Years ago, my husband and I spent 5 months cycling around Tasmania and New Zealand. Best holiday ever!

  5. 2012/02/06 6:00 pm

    Wow! That’s fantastic!

    My only concern with dear daughter is that she’s talking about doing it solo.

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