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Permaculture, Peak Oil, Climate Change and the Soul of the World


ANIMA MUNDI official trailer 2011:

Will you survive the transition of human industrial civilization happening now due to peak oil and climate change? Can you see the forest for the trees, the earth for the dream, the universe for the seed? Anima Mundi is an innovative documentary about the planetary animal called Gaia and the human animal we deny. We deny at our own peril, yet a peril that is perfect in design.


Anima Mundi is available for viewing on YouTube for $3.99.  Three out of four people who viewed it together at our place last weekend agree that it’s an investment of your time and money that you won’t regret (and the fourth one – who shall remain nameless but he knows who he is – can’t give an opinion, as he fell asleep).

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  1. Julie Power permalink
    2012/02/12 8:53 pm

    I highly recommend “Natural World: A Farm for the Future” which is available for viewing online at the following link:

    The documentary describes a low energy based agricultural system which focuses on woodlands, beneficial insects and wildlife in a healthy ecosystem. So if you are concerned about:
    beneficial insects, biodiversity, climate change, conservation, ecosystems, energy, the environment, farming, food, forests, fossil fuels, gardening, green living, livestock, nature, organics, permaculture, soil, sustainability and wildlife it’s 48 minutes of well spent time.

  2. 2012/02/12 10:07 pm

    Thanks Julie – I will definitely check it out, based on your list of concerns above (I think I’m concerned/interested in just about all of them!)


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