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Mining Industry Caught On Tape Plotting To Corrupt Media



This week Australian mining billionaire Gina Rinehart became the largest shareholder in Fairfax Media, having already bought a stake in Channel Ten. But this new video reveals this move is bigger than one woman’s ambition — it’s part of a coordinated and very deliberate strategy, with anti-science climate idiot denier  ‘Lord’ Monckton seen here advising a room full of mining executives on how the industry must gain control of Australia’s media to push their pro-pollution anti-climate action agenda. Warning for those with a weak stomach: “Faux” News & Glenn Beck are held up as an example of “straight, far and balanced news” (this demonstrates how far removed from reality Mr. Monckton is).


Okay, folks, these guys/gals ARE NOT making decisions based on what is best for our children and grandchildren.  Their bottom line is always money – as much of it, as fast as possible. No matter that they are stealing our children’s future. They don’t give a damn.  Do you?  Stand up to this corporate malfeasance.  Don’t know how? Check out Citizens Climate or go to my Action Not Apathy page.

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6 Comments leave one →
  1. 2012/02/11 12:25 pm

    Video doesn’t work for me…

    • 2012/02/11 9:43 pm

      Sorry, folks, don’t know why the video wasn’t working but all should be well now. Although Monckton et al have been pulling all the videos they can, so if it goes again let me know and I’ll try to track it down.

  2. 2012/02/11 3:58 pm

    Youtube link is dead. You mean this clip:


  3. Barry Beaupre permalink
    2012/02/11 4:31 pm

    Not able to download the utube video so can’t comment on the specifics but it is very scary that big money is looking for media outlets to buy so they can have propaganda organs at their disposal.

    • 2012/02/11 9:45 pm

      Should be working now, Barry. And yes, we should all be very concerned.

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