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Global Warming Debunked


Well, okay, maybe not so much debunked as, well, confirmed.  Oops – it  turns out we should still be worried, and working our butts off to preserve this wonderful world for our children and all the yet-to-be-born children.

This video looks at four examples that clearly illustrate the impact of a warming planet:

  • the reduction of summer Arctic sea ice
  •  shrinking alpine glaciers
  •  ocean temperature
  • global sea level rise.

It’s tough to refute or deny the startling and rapid earth changes and projections based on the information you ‘ll see here:


Credits: Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions

Want to take action? Head over to Citizens Climate Lobby to join other concerned people working to create the political will for a sustainable planet.

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  1. Martin Lack permalink
    2012/03/16 7:37 am

    Thanks for that, Christine. A very information-rich 7 minutes that was.

    I am hoping this comment will appear (as many have not).

    • 2012/03/17 6:06 am

      I really don’t know why you were singled out for the “spam” pile, Martin, and I hope the problem has been resolved. Please don’t let it stop you from joining the conversation here in the future/

      • Martin Lack permalink
        2012/03/17 8:13 am

        Thanks. I hope so too.

  2. 2012/03/17 5:35 am

    A superb example of televisual infotainment that should be shown on every idiot box on the planet every hour, on the hour, to give the message a chance of sinking in to even the most highly supersaturated couch potato mind.

    • 2012/03/17 6:08 am

      Well, at 202 views, it’s got a little way to go before it’s viral. But it certainly deserves to go viral. And when it does, we can say we saw it first 🙂

      • 2012/03/17 6:15 am

        I think part of my trouble is that the ‘End of The World As We Know It’ party is one I think I’d prefer to arrive at after it’s in full swing (and already pleasantly merry).

        Hmmm… maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong all this time (and why everyone else seems to be passing around the hooch instead of watching videos like this one).

    • Martin Lack permalink
      2012/03/17 8:15 am

      Nice one, Pendantry. I think you covered all the bases, there!

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