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Ethical Oil: The Puppet Rap


This Saturday gem comes from creative folks over at The Tyee:

Why is everybody all bitchin’ bout the bitumen?
Don’t you like rich men turnin’ into richer men?
Solomon, whose agenda you followin?
Typical liberal lamestream politics!

Crackdown in Iran? Those Ayatollahs should park it!
Monks burnin’ in Sichuan? well that’s a growing market,
Buck your pinko paranoia! I don’t believe in inflation,
Dutch diseases be damned! All hail the petro nation!

Look. Petroleum’s a fertilizer.
That’s not a spill, it’s an “Alberta geyser.”
You guys say you like trees and grasses
Well, Ethical Oil is like free-range molasses!

That’s what my dad says. I’m just a student,
I do this out of my deep passion for crude,
Evan, I got a guy who can get you in the know,
You best believe his shit’s legit, cuz he’s like, got his own show! Click here for the full lyrics, and more links

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