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Obama: It’s Time To End Subsidies To Big Oil


In President Obama’s address last week, he made it clear that it’s time America ends the $4 billion in annual subsidies to oil companies that are earning historic profits, and invests in new technologies. Prime Minister Harper, are you listening?


In 2009 PM Harper promised to end subsidies to big oil, but has so far failed to act on that promise. What do you think? Should we spend Canadians’ tax dollars on boosting the profits of private oil companies? If your answer is “no” please sign on to this petition:

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  1. klem permalink
    2012/03/22 11:46 am

    Wow, only $4 billion? That’s it? I thought it would be alot more than that.

    Yeah I hope they do end the subsidies too, they are so tiny, it would likely ad about 1/100 of a cent to a gallon of gas. And it will finally quiet the whiny greenies at the same time.

    So yea I agree, end those oil subsidies.

    Of course, the subsidies for wind and solar should end as well, but since no one wants those alternative sources anymore the market will decide that one. Lol!

    • 2012/03/25 8:33 pm

      We want to end oil subsidies, Klem, not because of the money spent, but because of the inappropriateness of subsidizing the death of our future. Why on Earth do corporations earning billions of dollars a year, employing almost no people and paying almost no taxes deserve welfare anyway?

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