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Climate Change: We Are Stuck Between The Impossible and The Unthinkable


David Roberts is staff writer at In this TEDx talk given at Evergreen State College “Climate Change is Simple”, he describes the causes and effects of climate change in blunt, plain terms.

On April 16, 2012, speakers and attendees gathered at TEDxTheEvergreenStateCollege: Hello Climate Change to reflect on the ability — and responsibility — of formal and informal education to inspire and empower action in this era of climate change.

More links: . You can follow David Roberts on twitter – and possibly inspire another TED Talk – at @drgrist.

Ready to get to work on creating the political will for a sustainable climate? Head over to Citizens Climate Lobby and join with other people all over North America doing exactly that.

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  1. 2012/08/08 12:31 pm

    I commented on that same TED talk here.

  2. Martin Lack permalink
    2012/08/09 3:52 am

    It’s so good; I am not at all surprised that you should decide to repeat it…

    Hmmm, that gives me an idea…

  3. 2012/08/10 10:40 am

    David is a role model for simplifying and creating interest. Will share with my presenter friends. Thanks Christine.


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