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Dirty Energy Produces Dirty Weather & Dirty Politics


Casy answered him. “It’s ever’body,” he said. “Here’s me that used to give all my fight against the devil ’cause I figgered the devil was the enemy. But they’s somepin worse’n the devil got a hold a the country, an’ it ain’t gonna let go till it’s chopped loose. Ever see one a them Gila monsters take hold, mister? Grabs hold, an’ you chop him in two an’ his head hangs on. Chop him at the neck an’ his head hangs on. Got to take a screw-driver an’ pry his head apart to git him loose. An’ while he’s layin’ there, poison is drippin’ an’ drippin’ into the hole he’s made with his teeth.”

John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath


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  1. 2012/11/01 8:56 am

    Christine, I think you will appreciate this: … Now about to hit the road from Sudbury back to California in time to participate in Bill McKibben’s Berkeley gig … Had a wonderful time in your neck of the woods. Many thanks to you and the many other Kanuck friends I’ve made along the way!

  2. 2012/11/05 2:05 am

    And despite the fact that they have so much money to spend on questioning science (and putting future generations at risk), we still give them subsidies!

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