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Take Time To Renew Your Spirit



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  1. 2012/12/02 8:41 pm

    I remember first reading about quantum physics and being blown away by the implications. I thought then, that when the world at large paid attention to what it was saying, it would change everything. So far, most of the world seems to be oblivious.

    • 2012/12/02 9:20 pm

      I think it’s what Malcolm Gladwell described in The Tipping Point – we won’t know that we’ve reached it, but when we do the change will be sudden and dramatic. Hang on, cause we’re in for a wild ride!

  2. 2012/12/02 8:43 pm

    Reblogged this on cynthiadumarin and commented:
    I have to agree with what Niels Bohr said. Quantum physics is an amazing and fascinating topic. Not easy to understand by any means, but a real mind blower.

    • 2012/12/02 9:19 pm

      Glad you dropped by, Cynthia, and felt inspired enough to share this on your blog. When the amazing reality that quantum physics opens up becomes mainstream, then shift will happen!

      • 2012/12/14 9:53 am

        I can’t wait to see what happens when it does. I have talked myself blue to people about it, but most of the time it falls on deaf ears. I still believe it will be the next great revolution that changes the world.

      • 2012/12/15 1:12 pm

        I’ve just finished reading Lynne McTaggart’s The Intention Experiment. If you haven’t read it, you might want to. Fascinating look at the science of intention, and the practical implications for those of us who are concerned about the way we’re heading.

      • 2012/12/21 3:06 am

        Thanks for the info. I’ll have to look it up.

  3. Ted permalink
    2012/12/03 2:45 pm

    Richard Feynman famously said, “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics”

    • 2012/12/03 8:05 pm

      LOL – thanks for that, Ted. Although I’m pretty sure Dr. Bohr can lay claim to having some understanding of the subject!
      As for quantum mechanics understanding becoming “mainstream”, I don’t mean that we will all be turning into physicists (well, I’m speaking for myself, not you!). But when a new scientific idea/revelation becomes established within the scientific community, it naturally spreads to the rest of society. Just like the idea of the universe as a machine, which underlies Newtonian physics, is part of all of our worldview, whether we realize it or not. The same will be true of quantum physics.

      • Ted permalink
        2012/12/04 6:18 am

        Sorry, I should have elaborated on my original post. I wasn’t trying to disagree with your post. I find quantum mechanics fascinating, but realize the shortcomings of my own understanding so therefore the quote by Feynman sticks with me.

    • 2012/12/04 6:42 am

      No worries, even if you were disagreeing with me! My approach to quantum theory is that I take the word of the scientists who have studied it in great depth (and I have read Fritzof Capra, although not in a while – I should probably tackle him again) when they summarize it in lay person’s terms. Actually, that’s the same approach I take to climate science (which is why I am constantly amazed that there are so many armchair climate “skeptics” out there who’ve never studied the topic at great length).

      • Ted permalink
        2012/12/04 8:25 am

        It’s an unfortunate state in many of the sciences, whether dealing with the climate, health,nutrition, etc. People seem to disregard the science if means any major impact on ones lifestyle.

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