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Exxon Hates My Kids, And Yours Too



If you think this ad should get on television, go to and donate some money (I did – and it brightened my day!).

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  1. 2012/12/06 6:08 am will also brighten your day. has brightened my day, too.

  2. 2012/12/06 10:00 am

    Typo alert: “Exxon Hates My Kids, And Your’sYours Too”

    It’s is not, it isn’t ain’t, and it’s it’s, not its, if you mean it is. If you don’t, it’s its. Then too, it’s hers. It isn’t her’s. It isn’t our’s either. It’s ours, and likewise yours and theirs.

    —Oxford University Press, Edpress News

  3. 2012/12/06 5:46 pm

    Reblogged this on New Anthropocene.

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