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Idle No More: A Drumbeat Is Heard Across The Nation

Image: Aaron Paquette

Image: Aaron Paquette

There are a lot of things I could write about on this crisp winter morning; NOAA’s updated 2012 Arctic Report Card, for example (hint: it ain’t lookin’ good) or the aftermath of the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut on Friday, or the (related) fact that American drones have killed nearly 200 innocent Pakistani children in the last few years. But I’m going to focus on a Canadian story that has been mainly overlooked in the mainstream media here at home – although Al Jazeera covered it last week, and some local media did a good job of reporting on it. On December 10, International Human Rights Day, the First Nations people of Canada took to the streets, to their MPs offices, and to Ottawa, to send a message to the government of Stephen Harper that they were “idle no more”.  The federal government’s sweeping omnibus budget bill C-45 bill, passed last week with little discussion in the House of Commons, is an insult to all Canadians who value clean air, clean water, and a stable climate but it is particularly insulting to First Nations people. As Dustin Hollings wrote at, addressing non-aboriginal Canadians:

“…the Harper Government is out to do a few really nasty things to all of us right now. There are a bunch of bills on the table but the basic timeline is shaping up like this… 1) Remove Environmental water protections acts. 2) Strip Aboriginal First Nations of Treaty rights (the final assimilation). “

18 year-old Ocean Morin, who organized the Idle No More rally in LaRonge, Saskatchewan that brought out hundreds of people, put it this way:

“As a child our parents, grandparents, elders and our leaders all said our children are the future, but I have a strong belief that if this bill is passed, there will not be much of a future for future generations to come.”

The Idle No More Manifesto is available on their website. I’ve reposted it in full here because it deserves to be read and shared widely. The First Nations are standing up for a sustainable future for ALL of our children.


We contend that:
The Treaties are nation to nation agreements between Canada and
First Nations who are sovereign nations. The Treaties are agreements that cannot be altered or broken by one side of the two Nations. The spirit and intent of the Treaty agreements meant that First Nations peoples would share the land, but retain their inherent rights to lands and resources. Instead, First Nations have experienced a history of colonization which has resulted in outstanding land claims, lack of resources and unequal funding for services such as education and housing.
We contend that:
Canada has become one of the wealthiest countries in the world by using the land and resources. Canadian mining, logging, oil and fishing companies are the most powerful in the world due to land and resources. Some of the poorest First Nations communities (such as Attawapiskat) have mines or other developments on their land but do not get a share of the profit. The taking of resources has left many lands and waters poisoned – the animals and plants are dying in many areas in Canada. We cannot live without the land and water. We have laws older than this colonial government about how to live with the land.

We contend that:
Currently, this government is trying to pass many laws so that reserve lands can also be bought and sold by big companies to get profit from resources. They are promising to share this time…Why would these promises be different from past promises? We will be left with nothing but poisoned water, land and air. This is an attempt to take away sovereignty and the inherent right to land and resources from First Nations peoples.
We contend that:
There are many examples of other countries moving towards sustainability, and we must demand sustainable development as well. We believe in healthy, just, equitable and sustainable communities and have a vision and plan of how to build them.
Please join us in creating this vision.

Chief Theresa Spence of the Attawapiskat First Nation is on her sixth day of a hunger strike to get Stephen Harper and the federal Conservatives and Queen Elizabeth to meet with First Nations leaders, include First Nations in decision, and to observe and honor treaty rights.   Chief Spence has stated she is willing to die for her people and this cause.

Graphic: Nora Loreto

Graphic: Nora Loreto

We can all get involved in this awakening:

Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honors and fulfills Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water. Colonization continues through attacks to Indigenous rights and damage to the land and water. We must repair these violations, live the spirit and intent of the treaty relationship, work towards justice in action, and protect Mother Earth.

Write letters to PM Harper, to your MP, to your local newspaper, talk to people, share this story on social media. Suggestions for supporting Chief Spence are listed above. You may not be able to do everything, but I know you can do something. If you want to attend the next IdleNoMore event, circle December 21st at noon (MST). Idle No More has put out a call to all singers and drummers from across Turtle Island (North America) to come together for a Global Synchronized Awakening. Everyone can join in (make sure you synchronize your time with noon MST); visit for details:

The heartbeat of the drum, the heartbeat of Mother Earth, is the heartbeat of the people.
Drums are the oldest living instruments on earth, and their vibration helps us tune into the natural frequency of the earth, connecting us to all that is through a shared heartbeat.
The drum combines animal and plant life to make an instrument that rings not only through the air, but across time. All the elements of Nature are used in the creation of the drum, representing the circle of life in all its aspects.
Our songs hold the stories of our past and the visions for our future.


Graphic: Dwayne Bird,

Graphic: Dwayne Bird,

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  1. 2012/12/17 3:52 pm

    Great post Christine. I hope this campaign gains traction because First Nations are among the rare groups that make the important point that we cannot live without clean air, water and soil.

    And, on a separate point, isn’t it interesting how often Al Jezeera covers important stories that don’t make it into our national media? They’ve also done a good job talking about the spill in the Gulf of Mexico (two years after the spill) and climate change.

  2. 2012/12/26 4:08 pm

    Christine, thank you for planting this seed in my head two weeks ago. Having time to get back onto twitter and Common Dreams today after a week of travel and focus on grand sons, today I read two pieces at by Naomi Klein and Craig Brown that led me on a long circuitous adventure today. #IdleNoMore is what will unite us and expand a cohesive movement, I do believe. I especially like what I see and hear at, and — not yet done with adventure so there are probably many more treasures waiting to be found.

    • 2012/12/28 8:27 am

      Happy to hear that your Christmas was spent with family – and that you took a break from twittering, and all that social media stuff! I’m just getting back to my blog after a holiday break – although, as you note, things have been hopping around Canada and increasingly the world with “IdleNoMore”. Mr Harper doesn’t have a clue, yet, the fire he has woken up in our nation’s First People and all of us who want a future for our children. Thanks for the links – I will check them out today.

    • 2012/12/28 11:03 am

      I would love to see the people who coordinate “IdleNoMore” get in touch with environmental groups like the David Suzuki Foundation, the Sierra Club, et al. We are all fighting the same irresponsible legislation and fighting for the same future. The difference is that in the case of First Nations groups, the threat is much more imminent.

      • 2012/12/28 11:21 am

        Hi JP – the Suzuki Foundation has written to Harper in support of Chief Spence. And I believe it should be environmental groups approaching/supporting First Nations, as they have the legal ability to stop this govt in its tracks.
        Anything going on in PEI re: IdleNoMore?

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