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Take Time To Renew Your Spirit



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  1. 2013/01/06 8:09 am

    Pity about the spelling mistake as in ‘were’. Sure it should have been ‘we’re’.

    • Theresa permalink
      2013/01/06 8:13 am

      Thank goodness people will still write in spite of those who choose to see the negative!

      • 2013/01/07 9:35 am

        LOL – thanks Theresa! Although being the daughter of an English teacher myself, I can let grammatical errors get in the way of my appreciation sometimes, too!

    • 2013/01/07 9:34 am

      Yes, good catch Paul. When there’s a great graphic out there, I’m going to use it despite minor (not major) spelling errors. I’m not sure who to credit this graphic with, it came to my attention via pinterest. I’ll just have to get better at generating my own graphics, I guess!

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