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Saturday At The Movies


Need a smile?

A program on Spanish radio organized a small flashmob to perform and sing The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” for one of the unemployment offices in Madrid.

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  1. 2013/01/19 7:24 am

    Thank you for that smile! I love that the whole thing is initiated by an oboe. Really does make me feel that anything is possible 🙂

    • 2013/01/19 9:47 am

      You’re welcome, Jenny. Maybe that could be new rallying cry – “if the oboes can do it, so can we” or somesuch. 🙂

      • 2013/01/19 9:50 am

        Ha, yes! Nothing to rile people up like oboes 🙂

  2. 2013/01/19 9:52 am

    BTW – love those squash in your profile pic – did you grow them all?

  3. Martin Lack permalink
    2013/01/19 10:03 am

    Interesting that the Spanish chose to sing the song in its original English. I don’t think you would ever see the French doing that…

    • 2013/01/19 10:29 am

      LOL Martin – is that your national prejudice showing? I’ve heard English songs piped into French public spaces (dept stores, etc). But they do tend to be a bit more language-centric.

      • Martin Lack permalink
        2013/01/19 10:40 am

        I do not think I am prejudiced. All the other great sea-faring nations of Europe have good reason to be prejudiced against the English: Why on Earth should English have been adopted as an international language? The answer, of course, lies south of your own wonderful country, where we perhaps can find the entirely justifiable reason for French reluctance to go along with convention –

      • 2013/01/19 2:29 pm

        @Martin yes, interesting, that, isn’t it? A bunch of Europeans steal the land from the people who were there before and then sell it to each other. Crooks, the lot of us…

      • Martin Lack permalink
        2013/01/19 2:45 pm

        If you are feeling in the mood for some history, Pendantry, make sure you read all my posts about Andrew Marr’s History of the World (in chronological order of course). I think the Opium Wars in China was a low point (lower even than inventing the slave trade) for the British Empire…

  4. 2013/01/19 2:27 pm

    Step 2: governments worldwide set up programs to train unemployed people to go and do the same thing to raise spirits all over the place. Oh, I’m forgetting: we can’t do that because there’s no profit in it… :eyeroll:

    • 2013/01/21 9:25 am

      Look on the “bright” side, P, we will soon be fully employed dealing with the impacts of a destabilized climate :{

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