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Canadian Democracy on Decline, While Renewable Energy Surges In Other Countries


I’m on the road this week doing several climate change presentations to various Catholic organizations and churches, so I have very little time to spend on the computer. Here’s a few of the graphics I came across when I popped onto Facebook this morning – click on them to read more.

I may not have said this recently, but I have a totally awesome bunch of FB friends – it’s so wonderful to share this journey into a sustainable future with them!

desmog blog pollution in public square*

And a related link: Democracy The Big Loser in Canada’s Parliament

It looks like Australia may have turned the corner on dirty energy: thanks to a price on carbon pollution and technology breakthroughs, coal and fossil fuels are on the outs in Oz (

renewables in australia


spain and wind energy

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  1. 2013/02/07 2:01 pm

    Best of luck with your presentations!

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