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Yesterday the biggest climate rally in U.S. history took place in Washington D.C. (not that you would know it from the front pages of the mainstream media, they are too busy propping up the current system). Over 40,000 people marched on the White House. Utopian Dreaming has done an excellent job of covering yesterday’s events, so I’m reblogging their coverage – hopefully you will follow the link to and check out more of its thought-provoking (and occasionally delicious) writing.

Utopian Dreaming

Yesterday, Feb 17th, the largest climate protest in U.S. history descended upon Washington, D.C.  An estimated 40,000 people gathered at Washington Monument and marched on the White House, demanding that President Obama shut down the Keystone XL and stay true to his promises to truly act on climate change.  Celebrities present included actresses Rosario Dawson and Evangeline Lilly; Rosario is pictured below addressing the crowd.

Actress Dawson addresses the crowd during a rally against the Keystone XL pipeline in Washington

This event came just days after a group of bi-partisan U.S. Senators gave a push for Obama to approve the $5.3 billion pipeline.  The reasoning that the pipeline will ‘create jobs’ continues to be put forth, despite the mounting evidence that the Senators stand to gain immensely from Big Oil campaign contributions.  Not to mention that just as many –if not more— jobs could be created in the green energy sector, as alternatives are researched, improved and implemented across the country.  If ‘energy…

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  1. 2013/02/18 12:37 pm

    Thank you for re-blogging! It was a tremendously important event in U.S. history.

    • 2013/02/18 1:56 pm

      I’m happy to spread the word. I only wish I could have been there!

  2. andhastings permalink
    2013/02/19 9:32 am

    Great article on a very important event. Now if only we can get the mainstream media to cover this kind of stuff more often.

    • 2013/02/19 7:53 pm

      I agree, but there is a shift underway. Obama’s SOTU address has helped.

  3. 2013/02/19 5:37 pm

    Thanks Christine! I now have a new blog to follow (too many! Too many!!!)

  4. 2013/02/19 5:43 pm

    Wish I could’ve been in that crowd.

  5. 2013/02/20 12:20 pm

    I was at the event in Seattle. There were about 350-400 people. Here is the link to some of the pictures I took of the event. It was a great day for climate sanity.

  6. 2013/02/20 12:41 pm

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing the link.

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