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Limiting Scientists’ Free Speech: A New Canadian Tradition


Ah, Rick, I love you, and your honesty and willingness to use your celebrity status to remind Canadians what our nation has come to under Stephen Harper. Thanks!


Wondering what all the fuss is about? Listen to Dr. Andrew Weaver, a climate scientist from the University of Victoria, discuss the current clampdown on Canadian scientists by the federal government:


More links:

Canadian Federal Research Deal “Potentially Muzzles” U.S. Scientist: Arctic Research Agreement Contains “Excessively Restrictive” Language

Prestigious Science Journal Slams Harper Government’s Muzzle on Scientists

Information Commissioner Called Upon to Probe “Muzzling” of Federal Scientists

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  1. 2013/03/01 3:00 am

    “Government funded” research is funded by our tax dollars. That means it is OUR science and we should have complete access to its results.
    How are Canadians supposed to have an “informed opinion” about an issue when their own government won’t let them be “informed”. But I guess that’s the whole point…

    • 2013/03/01 8:29 am

      I know. But the Harper regime is doing what those with the power will do around the globe, if they can get away with it – controlling the message so that they can put their own spin on the “truth”. Shades of totalitarianism, as Dr Weaver points out.

      • 2013/03/01 6:23 pm

        Agreed. And, although I do not usually like when people go crazy on comparing politicians to “Mao”, “Hitler” and “Stalin”, I see Dr. Weaver’s point when it comes to sending bureaucrats to follow scientists at conferences. That is a very USSR-era type of behaviour.

      • 2013/03/02 8:34 am

        if the shoe fits….

      • 2013/03/02 6:25 pm

        “If the shoe fits…”

        … get out of the kitchen! No wait. That’s not right. 🙂

      • 2013/03/02 7:49 pm


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