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Climate Heroes In Washington

360 citizen lobbyists gather on Capitol Hill to ask for a carbon tax

360 citizen lobbyists gather on Capitol Hill to ask for a carbon tax

The purposes of Citizens Climate Lobby are to create the political will for a stable climate & to empower individuals to have breakthroughs in exercising their personal and political power.

From June 22 – 25th, 370 citizen lobbyists from both the U.S. and Canada descended on Washington to learn more about the science of climate change and pricing carbon pollution. The National Conference culminated in lobbying Congress to take action on climate change by putting a straightforward price on carbon, and returning the monies collected to citizens in the form of a rebate. My husband, a family doctor, and I were fortunate to be able to participate in this empowering experience. I would recommend this as a treatment for anyone suffering from climate trauma, and you don’t have to wait until next June; if you come to Ottawa in November you can participate in Canada’s first national CCL conference!

Here’s a great video that shows what CCL is all about:



Citizens Climate Lobby

Canada’s Citizens Climate Lobby

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  1. 2013/07/18 8:40 am

    Happy to see this post, Christine. Not sure if you saw my letters to Barack Obama and Rex Tillerson before ( and after ( the conference, viewed by 295 and 358, respectively. CCL is making a difference.


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