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Choosing Not To Know


An excellent TED talk on willful blindness. The speaker, Margaret Heffernan, doesn’t mention climate change, but everything she discusses applies to the majority of attitudes toward this urgent situation.

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  1. 2013/08/20 6:54 am

    Glad you posted this. Somehow I got wind of it last week and have used it as the subject matter of my up-coming September 1 letter to Rex … watch weekly as we approach autumn. Summer Heat, Fearless Summer, Idle No More, Moccasins on the Ground,resistance of megaloads, tarsands, pipelines, fracking, offshore and Arctic drilling … all must urgently reach a crescendo in a sustained nexus that cannot be ignored.

  2. 2013/08/20 12:00 pm

    An excellent talk for this, Earth Overshoot Day, 2013

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