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Relief for Climate Anxiety


EFT, also called Tapping, is a great mind/body tool that’s been shown to alleviate stress and change stuck emotional patterns in our nervous system. In this video, Christine Penner Polle, climate-concerned mom and author of Unfreeze Yourself: Five ways to take action on climate change NOW for the sake of your family, your health, and the planet offers this simple and effective method of stress-relief specifically for other climate-concerned parents, grandparents, and young people.Clearing out the stress and fear and anger allows more room for joy and love, which is what we need more of  as we heal the planet.

To find out more about the science behind Tapping to go
For more resources & to book a free consultation with Christine, go to

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  1. 2017/07/24 1:20 pm

    Hi, Christine! I watched your video and tapped along with you. This is new for me, and it will take a few sessions for me to feel results…

    I’m curious what EFT stands for, and searching the linked website I found “energy psychology intervention (EFT)” which really doesn’t jive in my mind. Would you mind clarifying the actual meaning of EFT?


  2. 2017/07/24 1:23 pm

    I only searched the first link, but now I found “Hands On Energy Therapies
    Meridian Tapping (EFT)” in the second link.

    Sorry for my impatience!

  3. 2017/07/24 1:27 pm

    Hi Climate Warrior Doug! Always good to hear from you. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique ( I haven’t heard “energy psychology intervention” before). I first found Tapping back in 2011 and it’s helped me tremendously to deal with the psychological and emotional toll of being a climate-aware citizen. Take care, and let me know if you want more resources.

  4. 2017/09/02 11:04 am

    Good to see that you’re still blogging, Christine. And thanks for this introduction to ‘tapping’: Though I was sceptical, I just tried it and was rather surprised to find that it has relieved my anxiety somewhat 🙂

    • 2017/09/05 2:05 pm

      Just found your comment, Glad to hear you both tried the tapping and found it helpful. Stay tuned, I’m doing more work focused on personal and planetary healing!

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