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Take Time To Renew Your Spirit



Memo To America


While this is officially a memo to America, I’d say the rest of us should pay attention, too. Especially here in Canada where our current federal government has officially tied our national climate policy to that of the United States. Until, of course, President Obama started taking actions to reduce CO2 pollution. Since then, Stephen Harper’s government has stopped talking about being in lock step with America.

Rap Guide to Climate Chaos


What’s the beef? –  Climate Change Version

Baba Brinkman is a Canadian rap artist, writer, actor, and tree planter. And, judging from some info he shares in this video, he’s also Canadian MP Joyce Murray’s son. As part of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, I’ve lobbied Ms Murray for a price on carbon. Her climate change knowledge is impressive, and as a provincial politician she helped introduce British Columbia’s carbon tax. Nice to see her son is also doing his part to act on climate. His “Rap Guide To Climate Chaos” is currently on at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. If you are in that part of the world and have a chance to see it, please share your thoughts!

Baba Brinkman: A Rap Guide To Climate Chaos

What Did You Do?


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Take Time To Renew Your Spirit

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Take Time To Renew Your Spirit


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“The Changes Will Be Dramatic” Says Farmer & Climate Scientist


As both a farmer and a climate scientist, Jennifer is deeply concerned about the challenges coming for farmers. She admires their resourcefulness, but expects the changes will be dramatic.


The Time Is Now


In the United States, the transition to a clean energy economy is already underway. Climate-concerned citizens are calling on candidates in next year’s federal election to show their plan to power the country with 50% clean energy by 2030.

The time for a job-creating, climate-stabilizing clean energy revolution is NOW.


Go to to learn more.

Take Time To Renew Your Spirit


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Take Time To Renew Your Spirit


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