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Ready or Not: The Post-Carbon World

There is are millions of people around the world who are waking up and recognizing that the status quo is not sustainable, and that we have been spending (stealing?) the future for decades, and calling  it economic growth. The time to pay the piper is very close at hand, and climate change and ocean change are only the most pressing and urgent examples of why this is so. The end of economic growth is upon us, and our political system does not know how to handle this. As a species, humanity is standing on the threshold of great change – either we rise to the occasion, and birth a new world, or we will become the first species to engineer our own destruction. The good news is, there is no correlation between unlimited and unsustainable economic growth and human happiness; we all need adequate food, shelter, and an opportunity to fulfill our potential, not unlimited shopping or BMWs.

There are many people and organizations writing and preparing for this “Great Disruption” (as Paul Gilding calls it).  Here are some videos and links if you are interested in learning more:



From Richard Heinberg & The End Of


Paul Gilding: The Great Disruption: How Humanity Can Thrive in the 21st Century

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