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Durban: Youth Turn Their Backs In Response To Canadian Government’s Disregard For Their Future


Here’s another post from Ani, part of the Canadian Youth Delegation in Durban, South Africa where the 10 days of U.N. climate negotiations have less than 48 hours to go, and no agreement is in sight. Here is her account of the recent action by some of the other members of the Youth Delegation; and note – the youth were applauded by the assembly for their bold statement against the Harper government’s irresponsible climate policy.

Canadian Youth staged a walk out today as Environment Minister Peter Kent delivered his opening address at the United Nations climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa. Just as Kent began his speech, six youth stood and turned away from the Minister revealing the message “Turn your back on Canada” prominently displayed on their shirts. After standing for a few minutes, while the Environment Minister spoke, they were removed by security as the plenary applauded their action.

Our Environment Minister entered these talks by going on record that he would be defending the tar sands. I have yet to hear him say that he’s here to defend my future.

By stalling international progress, the actions of the Canadian government put the future of our country and our generation in danger, we will not take that sitting down. As long as Canada is at the negotiation table promoting dirty industry over human rights, we will never see the climate agreement the world needs.

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  1. 2011/12/07 7:31 pm

    Hooray! Congratulations to the Canadian Youth Delegation for standing up for action on climate change — and against Canada’s Colossal Fossil ways. Your t-shirts and your body language were an effective, courageous, peaceful, dramatic — and humorous — way to draw attention to the pressing urgency for Canada to show leadership on climate change — rather than hide its head in the tar sands. Great job!!

    • 2011/12/08 6:44 am

      Yes, Franke, they are definitely the Canadian contingent to be proud of at Durban.

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