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How To Spot A Canadian Environmentalist


A public service announcement from Canadian Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver — courtesy of The Province editorial cartoonist Dan Murphy.

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  1. Barry Beaupre permalink
    2012/02/06 6:16 pm

    Well done–nothing like good satire to get one’s point across. Where do they fine these guys?

    • 2012/02/06 6:52 pm

      LOL-do you mean where does the CPC find the Joe Olivers of the world, Barry?

  2. 2012/02/06 6:18 pm

    That was funny, yet scary sad because it is closer to real than not.

    • 2012/02/06 6:53 pm

      Yes, this government is walking very close to that line where they are satirizing themselves/all conservatives, aren’t they?

  3. 2012/02/06 10:15 pm

    Clever enough but also quite disturbing. Pat

  4. 2012/02/06 10:45 pm

    THAT was funny. Ethical pollution. Ethical climate change. Ethical oil spill.

  5. sassy permalink
    2012/02/06 11:15 pm

    It’s brilliant !

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