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I’m reposting my blog posted last year on International Women’s Day, as it is just as applicable this year as last.

350 or bust

It’s International Women’s Day, a good time to reflect on the fact that women around the globe are, and will be in the future, disproportionately affected by a changing climate. Oxfam lists the ways that climate change affects women – and consequently children:

  • Women are more likely to die during natural disasters than men. With extreme weather events increasing around the world,more  women will die unnecessarily because of our fossil fuel dependence.
  • Climate change is deepening the food crisis for women and their families. Farming is risky business at the best of times. With less reliable weather conditions, more drought and torrential downpours, it has become much more difficult, particularly for subsistence farmers, the majority of whom are women growing food for their families.
  • Climate change leads to increased illness and disease and women are the primary caregivers for the sick.
  • Indigenous women bear a triple burden despite…

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