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Climate Disruption: Why Do We Do So Little When We Know So Much?



This weekend in New York City, and at solidarity events around the globe, the People’s Climate March:

ppls climate march

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  1. 2014/09/16 3:40 am

    Really great film!

  2. 2014/09/16 11:05 am

    I’ll be marching in London on Sunday, and hoping that there are enough of us now to finally tip the balance.

    • 2014/09/16 7:39 pm

      Fantastic! Come to Ottawa November 22 – 24 to get inside Parliament and tell MPs face to face that there are Canadians who are very very concerned about climate change.

      • 2014/09/16 9:41 pm

        Would love to come to Ottawa but those halcyon days when I could hop onto a plane and not count the carbon cost are long gone.

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