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All worry about looming disaster and no play makes for a bored and boring climate change blogger, so here are some carbon-neutral things that I like.  Hope you enjoy them, too!

“Don’t Mess With Granny”


  • Here’s a great cover of  “Don’t Stop Believing” by a young classical Greek student, Sam Tsui, who sings lead, harmony, and back-up! It’s really fun and well-done. Sam and his friend and recording buddy Kurt Schneider were on the Oprah show this week. Apparently they were set to record a duet with Sam and a young woman, but at the last minute she didn’t show up. Rather than cancelling the session, Sam’s friend Kurt, the instrumentalist, suggested that Sam sing every part separately. Then, they used some digital magic to piece it together into the creative illusion that you see. Their videos (they’ve also done a Michael Jackson medley)  have gotten millions of hits on Youtube.


  • A quirky video – “Cows With Guns”:



  • As a Canadian who lives on a lake in northern Ontario, I can appreciate this video, “Canadian Ice Fishing”:


  • Here is another video, “Total Eclipse of the Heart – Literal Version” (rated #6 Viral Video of 2009 by Time Magazine) that had our whole family laughing:

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  1. 2014/12/16 11:19 am

    I was looking forward to the ‘3 memorable “Oh Sh*t” moments’ but all I got was just the one: ‘This video does not exist’.

    So here instead is my favourite ‘it’s not all doom and gloom’ videos in its place:

  2. 2014/12/20 9:44 am

    LOL! Thx P

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